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Wiremu's writing

Jack's writing

Jack's Writing

Jacks pepeha

Tena koutou Katoa
Ko Oreti tenawa
Ko Churstain te hapu
Ko Winton tōku kainga
Ko Nicole tōku mama
Ko Harley tōku papa
Ko Carole raua Ko Morris oku
Ko Sheridan raua Ko Gilbert oku Koro
Ko Jack tōku ingoa
No reira tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou Katoa


I woke up with my heart racing, Badum, Badum filled my eardrums, it took about 1 minute to get my bearings back.I heard something, it was getting louder but it was Mum yelling jack! Get up, it’s triathlon today!!! So I jumped outta bed and put on my sea blue Limehills top and put on some trackies. We hopped into the car and set off towards Winton. Roughly about 10 minutes later we arrived and got ready for the briefing, they told us what time our races will be, also the course and the safety hazards.

I had an extremely long wait until my races because it’s the final race of the day, so the organisers sent of all the races until my race. Nerves started to fill my body then it happened they called my race. I got prepared I knew my race didn’t start until the bike and run but I still had to go hard in the swim. We hopped into the pool and got ready. Then came the word GO! So I leapt out of my position and started swimming, I knew I wasn’t the best swimmer. So that was why I was 3rd last out of the pool.During the swim I saw people getting out of the pool this motivated me to finish the swim and get onto the bike and run.I finished my last length and hopped outta the pool.I ran outta the pool where I passed a beeper thing that recorded my time.I quickly ran to my bike and put on my helmet and took off.It felt like i was going as fast as lightning I kept on passing my opponents one by one then abut 50metres ahead was the leader I had thought I was going as fast as my legs wouldve taken me then I had caught my opponent we where approaching our transistion I hopped off my bike and put it where i got it from then I had a 2k run awaiting for me so i set off racing at a steady pace.Then i almost feel over my legs where like jelly i could bearly stand but i had to finish the race i had thought so i soldered on 1 step at a time I was catching my opponent 3metres 2 metres then i passed him i was over the moon but i still had about 1k left i jumped over logs and fences.Then i saw the finishing shoot I was exhausted by now but then i heard my friends running towards me shouting come on Jack and you're nearly there this kept me going 100m left so i used all my energy to pick up the pace 50m left 10m left then i finished the race i was so exhausted then the organiser said 2nd i was over the moon! But then i thought second so i thought who was first then i saw him i didn't know his name but i congratulated him and said  great race After that I went home but then i thought I still had touch but i was ok with that.

By Jack Churstain     

Triathlon Training

Beep! Beep! Beep! Filled my eardrums. My eyes fluttered open the harsh lighting hissed against my eyes.It was Sunday Triathalon training. I got up got dressed,ate some toast with a thick spread of raspberry jam and gobbled it down. My next task to do was to pack my bag which will contain warm clothes,energy food,and some highlighter orange togs.

My mother called out to me “Jack were leaving” so I got my bag and jumped into the car and off we set.Destination Mrs Brands house. We arrived and got set to head off to Gore. I was in Joses car along with Connor,Josh Vdp,Josh M,Morgan and Rylan.Ruffley an hour later we arrived at destination gore and got set to do a 10k bike ride.We set off going at sensible pace with the light breeze brushing my face.

We kept on biking only stopping once or twice then it happened i was facing a massive hill I couldn't believe we were going to bike up that. I was shocked. Then we set off racing up the hill using all of our energy pushing ourselves 5metres left then with all my might I pushed once more and that got me over the gigantic hill.

We reached our biking destination had a rest ate some food and got in our wetsuit it was swimming time We arrived at the pond and got set to swim in the murky freezing water when i dived in my body shivered and it felt like i was swimming in antarctica. We started off swimming a few metres just so our body could adjust to the freezing water. We started swimming longer and longer until everyone was tired sore and cold.Then what else is better than getting good old maccas on the way home mmmm delicious thanks Mrs Brand for taking us training.

By Jack Churstain

Leon's Writing

Leon's Writing

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Callum's Writing

Callum's Writing

Ko Takitimu te maunga

Ko Aparima te awa
Ko Taylor te hapū
Ko Winton tōku kainga
Ko Janey tōku mama
Ko Andrew tōku papa
Ko Diane raua ko Diana ōku
Ko Bruce raua ko Mark ōku
Ko Callum tōku ingoa
No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa

Year 4 Writing


Room 7 went on a trip to Invercargill to go to watch a show called "The Jungle Book" on
The Characters
The characters are Sherekhan, Indians, a snake, a bear, Mowgli, Jackal, Father wolf and more..
The Start
At the start two girls were doing the washing, and then a cat was annoying a girl and took chairs, and then a black panther, a bear, a fox, and more came out and had a meeting, to have a fight.
The Fight
The next day they had a fight and Sherekhan said he was scared of nothing, but he was scared of fire and he got burnt.
My favourite part was the fight at the end, and I felt great because it was a great play.

Google Speech

Give me a G!
Give me a O!
Give me a O!
Give me a G!  
Give me a L!
Give me a E!
Making All of the world's information Universally accessible and useful.
Google was founded in September 1998, By Sergey Brin and Larry Page.
They met at Stanford and quickly became friends. They crammed into Their hostel with old computers and made a data mining system which is Google today.
How many times have you been told to “Google It or ask Mr Google” Millions of times I bet. Google is the best place to find everything you wish to know. It will tell
you any wacky topic.
Google is doing and done things behind closed windows like they are making a computer so powerful it can program itself or in 2007 on April fool's day google sent a email to all of the employees saying they is a snake on the loss. It wasn’t a joke.  Google fails sometimes like once ever on August 16th 2013 Google was down for 5 minutes and the internet traffic dropped by 40%. Google’s computers aren’t any old computer, a single google search requires more computer power it took to send Apollo 11 to the moon!!!
Every year google handles 2 trillion per year that’s 270.27027027 per person every year just remember there is 7.4 billion people in the world.

Google is a lot better than looking through encyclopedias and even massive books. You only have to type in one word it comes up with everything about that word.
Encyclopedias comes in alphabetical order and it doesn’t come in one book… comes in heaps. Instead of putting 20 odd books in your bag, and lugging them around all day, you just slip your laptop in and off you go.
Secondly you can  find out absolutely anything so that means you will learn more. You can search any wacky topic. Say you were looking up something easy like America. Then you can search up something weird like arrrr cut fingernails. It just might tell you how to cut them and have some photos. Google is great when you need a solution to a puzzle or anything that requires a lot of thinking.
Google has created a lot of things
Like apps, glasses and cars!
Have you ever typed in teachers are:
Or kids are:  it gives you quite interesting options. I will let you try it one day.
My sure it will make you smile.
So the next time you are completely confused about something, or you want to find out something, and your mother that knows everything is not around, just head to the nearest computer and punch it into the keyboard. Now you know everything what you want about that easy topic.
So you remember it’s the search engine of the world,
World’s information that is universally accessible and useful.
By Callum Taylor

Environment Southland
I believe that what should be put on Environment Southland pest control plan because health issues attacking beehives and they like meat (birds and spiders) he is more detail.
Health is life,  wasps can kill or seriously injured from my research I found to two wasp injures one and a school camp in Southland in a man and Dunedin. The school case case title  “Girls stung 18 times on school camp everyone was screaming” Two kids were stung  37 times playing Spotlight at 8 p.m. on school camp, the man and Dunedin stung 30 times and he was rushed to hospital. Arrowtown School couldn't even eat lunch outside with all these cases it around Southland and global warming predictions wasp numbers are on the rise.
Environment Southland

To whom this may concern
I believe that what should be put on Environment Southland pest control plan because health issues attacking beehives and they like meat (birds and spiders) he is more detail.
Health is life,  wasps can kill or seriously injured from my research I found to two wasp injures one and a school camp in Southland in a man and Dunedin. The school case case title  “Girls stung 18 times on school camp everyone was screaming” Two kids were stung  37 times playing Spotlight at 8 p.m. on school camp, the man and Dunedin stung 30 times and he was rushed to hospital. Arrowtown School couldn't even eat lunch outside with all these cases it around Southland and global warming predictions wasp numbers are on the rise.
Secondly wasps attack and invade beehives killing honey bees, bumble bees and bee larvae numbers for bees going down one of the killers is wasps the way we are going will have no bees no bees means no pollination then no fruit  no crops  no vegetables.
Lastly Wasps are meat eaters so they are just like possums and they can help to kill out all New Zealand's famous birds also spiders.
They are my three reasons why making  wasps under the management plan is a good idea there is only one good thing about wasps they can pollinate but does it mean they  they do? After all my research weighed up  to make wasps on the pest management wins.
Callum Taylor


Run fast, jump high. Athletics started with a bang. My first activity was the 200m heats, take your marks...set bang we're off. I had a splendid  start. I was catching Jack but he started sprinting, he was off like a bullet train, so I started running faster and faster but he crossed the line and then me straight after.

Long Jump, we all went Callum they shouted. I was off running fast jump high, my goal was to get a 4 in long jump, but I got a 3 after my three jumps. Back to the starting line, 100m we waited and waited. Fifteen minutes later it was us at the starting line. GO! I got first in heats and a 4!

Starting at high jump I thought I would be with a 3 but I got a big fat juicy 4! And got second equal with harry. The 200m final second this time. I bet Jack by two.

The highlight of the day was relays plus the adult relay but the big question was the shield, did we win? 18.4 and 17.24 Limehills won.Good work.


Ray Tomlinson originated from Amsterdam, New York. He has sadly passed away in the last few days.  For you who don’t know who Ray is, he invented the @ sign, no not a typo, I mean the @ sign, you know the @ sign that you use everyday in your emailing. The @ sign is nowadays very trendy, it is used on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter. Every though Mr Tomlinson has passed his @ sign will live on for much longer.


Peter Jackson

Sir Peter Robert Jackson (born 31 October 1961) is a New Zealand filmmaker and screenwriter. He is best known as the director, writer and producer of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit . Other known films include Heavenly creatures, foggen silver, the horror/comedy The Frighteners,  King Kong. He also produced District 9, The Adventures  The of  Tinin Secret of the Unicorn
Jackson has been awarded three Academy Awards in his career, including the award for Best Director in 2003. He has also received a Golden Globe, four Saturn Awards and three BAFTAs amongst others.

His production company is Wingnut Films, and his most regular collaborators are co-writers and producers Walsh and Philippa Boyens. He was later knighted by Anand Satyanand, the Governor-General of New Zealand, at a ceremony in Wellington in April 2010. In December 2014, Jackson was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Ben's Writing

Harri P's Writing

Harri's Writing

Tena Koutou katoa
Ko ?     Te Waka
Ko ?   Te maunga
Ko Oreti Te Awa
Ko Pyle Te hapu
Ko Winton Toku Kainga

Ko Jan-Maree Toku mama
Ko Karl Toku papa
Ko Jan Raua Ko nanny
KoAlen Raua Ko nanny
Ko Harri Toku ingoa
No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa  

This term Jenson, Harri  and other cricket players from all around Southland has been given the opportunity to go to a training program with the Otago volts in Invercargill at the cricket grounds. And we are  going to be doing this training programme for 8 weeks. We are being coach by two cricket players who are Sam and Jason. They  work for cricket Southland. And are helping us improve our bowling, batting and fielding. We are doing this programme so we can improve our cricket skills.  It will help us with our techniques by knowing when to hit the ball for boundaries and when to not to hit the ball it will also help us with our bowling were to aim the ball and how high and fast the ball needs to go. They are also helping us with our fielding skills such as how to catch the ball properly how to always hit the stumps and how to stop boundaries.

By Jenson pond and Harri Pyle

My Weekend

On Sunday I was playing on the xbox when dad asked me if I could help him on the farm because my older brother said no. if I didn’t I wasn’t Allowed on the Xbox so I said yes yet dad also allowed on the Xbox so I said yes you did also mentioned a payment and it would be fun because it was raining heavily, until I got my first job.

My first job was to walk to the calves which is not fun alone luckily my other brother Jonty was there it was still boring so we talked about what we were going to do on the Xbox. We decided to play Minecraft, so we gave each other jobs I am the builder and farmer but I can still go mining, jonty in the resource Gatherer, The Miner, Hunter and etc.

When we got the calves across the road and across two bridges we were on the final stretch was dad beside us going 20 kilometres per hour  we were running fast enough to stay Up With him.  Dad opened the gates but a calf hopped under the fence I dived under the fence and chased the calf back up to the fence and the gate. We left the calves in the paddock and jonty and I got onto the bike dad went 100 kilometres per hour with us barely holding on we were going to move more cows but then there was an interruption.  

It was a water failure no water was pumping into the water generation and  we found out that the calves had licked something Important and they stopped the water generator work I got covered in water because I had to get water into a bucket from a trough it was freezing, But eventually dad fixed the problem and said it was a good half day's work and there was one of the things that happened on my weekend.  

Josh's Writing

Josh's Writing

Tenakoutou katoa Ko Takitimu te Maunga Ko Oreti te awa Ko Spedding Te hapu Ko Bluff te marae Ko Timaru Toku kainga Ko Angela Tōku mama Ko David Tōku papa Ko Dawn raua Ko Bob oku Ko Dora raua Ko Ron oku Ko Josh Tōku ingoa No reira Tena koutou Tena koutou Tena koutou katoa


“Wake up”!!! Wake up!!” Shouted my Mum. “We are late”, every year is the same. Mum forgot to set the alarm clock, we woke up at about eight leaving us with under half an hour to get out the door and get to Dipton for athletics.

Luckily by the time we got to Dipton we found out that our first events are ages away. My 200 metres was first, I did surprisingly well, really I was proud of myself until I realised as the parent helper wrote it onto my hand, F, it meant I was going to be in the final, it was as scary as the thought of Donald Trump becoming President.

The rest of the events I did OK but  relays were always my favourite despite the fact I normally don’t race in them But they are always fun to watch especially the parent relays, Noel, Nicki, Emma and Blair the perfect team “what could go wrong,” is what I silently said to myself. I should not of said it, Dipton had won the parent relay, some of the Dipton parents were as fast as a cheetah on steroids

I had finished all my events and I was Not even tired even though I had to sprint over 500m. Now that everyone is finished, it is time to announce the winner of the Swale Shield. Mr Crain read out the results, the suspense was killing me until he read out with his deep low voice he said “Limehills”. Our school roared with excitement and as we ran around the field with the shield in our hands and my legs feeling like they were going to fall off. I thought to myself best Athletics Day ever.