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Georgia's Writing

Georgia's Writing

Tena koutou katoa

Ko Manganui te maunga
Ko Waikato te awa
Ko Winton toku kainga

Kia ora

Ko Roelie Toku mama
Ko Daniel Toku papa
Ko Margaret raua ko Marion oko nanny
Ko Mick raua ko Paul oko koro

Ko Georgia Hart toku ingoa
No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Georgia         Term 1 reflections            
I had a great start to the term with sports, class trips, ANZAC day and much more. Triathlon at the start of the term was great. We had bike wise before we did triathlon. I came fifth in triathlon I was very proud of myself. Athletics was great I got a 4 in 100m I wasn’t expecting that. I did really well in shot put I just about came 3rd in shot put but I came 4th I still got a 4.
The year sevens went to Invercargill for a day while the year eights went to Bluff on a walk. We went to Demo World, The Museum and The Water Treatment Plant to earn about where all our waste goes. We found out then lots of things can go down the toilet such as pipes, sunglasses and even money. At the Museum we did some art work. We made ice bergs out of polystyrene and we painted it. The week before Easter everybody in room 8 dressed up in there onesies because it was Easter. We also did an Easter egg hunt for the little kids.
On the last Thursday of the term it was ANZAC day for Limehills school. I was the one who organised the whole day since the year eights were away at Deep Cove. We made wreaths to take down to the War Memorial. The speakers at the service were Maisie, Jack and I.
I was lucky enough to get a end of term certificate.

By Georgia Hart

                                                      Term Two Reflections
Term two has been very busy, we had an Enviro week at school, trips and many other things. Enviroweek was in week one and we had different rotations like a vision map of the school, MRS LE and going to Kowhai Reach.

We had the Enviro hui so lots of people came to our school to see what we do. I did the cooking  along with Amie, Monique and Josh S. We cooked their morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. I was also involved in baking the kowhai cookies so I spoke to the hui groups about baking along with Connor and Hannah.

I got my PAT results back and I think I did well. My goals are to work on my maths like common multiples, factors and prime numbers and also more reading.

We have been learning Shakespeare with Mrs Smith. We have been learning Shakespeare’s language. We got a list of his words that he calls his actors and we got to put them in a sentence and got to call someone in our class names for fun. We also had the New Zealand Playhouse come to our school to perform a Shakespeare. St Thomas’ and Dipton also came. It wasn’t a normal play, we got to chose the theme of it. We got to chose a movie to base it on and we chose Hunt For The Wilder people.

In week four room seven and eight went to Invercargill to see the Kakapo chicks. They are very cute. We went to the Southland District Council Chambers to ask Mayor Gary Tong some questions for our writing to the Southland District Council. Then we to the stadium to do cycling at the velodrome and netball and basketball. I am injured so Hannah, Mia, Trey and I went to the Ronald McDonald house to see Helene who works there. We saw the family room and went to the children's ward and the maternity ward to see what it was like. After we finished there we went back to the stadium to watch the rest of the class.

We have been writing to the Southland District Council about an issue in the community. I am writing about making Winton vibrant  and putting fruit trees on the side of the Winton track.

This week is the last week of drama with Mrs Collie. We had Mrs Collie for the first five weeks and for the last five weeks we are have Mrs Varian teaching us French.

For our novel study this term we are reading to Room three and four. We have been reading Roald Dahl books and writing about them and now we are storytellers to Room three and four.

Overall I think term two has been great I have achieved many things. It will be exciting to see what term 3 brings us.

   Athletics Day
“Get up Georgia and Baylee it's athletics day” yelled grumpy mum. oh yeah its athletics day. I better get ready quickly, it's already 7:30. “Mum do you know where my Limehills top is”.

We are at Dipton school. Our day begins. I get out of the car and go and put my bag down and went to find Mrs Brand to get my card. I finally found her and I got my blue card. I went to the 11 year old girls line. Mr Crane started talking. “ The 5 and 6 year olds to the 60m. 10 11 12 year olds you have 10 minutes till 200m.

The 200m is over I didn't get into the finals but we have way more events to do like shot put, long jump, discus, 100m and high jump  I am going to set goal, I am going to try and get a 3 or a 4 in shot put.

YES!! I achieved my goal I got a 4 in shot put. I just about came 3rd but i came 4th  by one centimetre, just one centimetre. But I still got a 4. I am very proud of myself.

On your marks, get set,  BANG!!! I am off. I was sprinting as fast as I could. I ran past the finish line to Mrs Hamilton. She writes on my card. I look on it and it's a 4!! I can't believe that I didn't even train because I was injured.

It’s time to go home now. I have had a fantastic but exhausting day. We are home yay now I can relax. “ Georgia get in the car you are getting your 11 year old jab. Oh no I hate jabs.

My Speech 2016

It's going to be another cold one, about minus three. I can see my breath already and I am standing in my house. I won't call it a house it's more like a garage. It's my home and it has been for five years. I share it  with two other families. We have no running water and a toilet that doesn't flush. This is what people are still going through after the Christchurch earthquake that was five years ago. So you might  think that people's houses are all fixed and the cleanup is finished well it's not.

The clean up for the earthquake was huge. 400 000 tons of liquefactions came bubbling out the ground. Did you know there was a record number of port-a-loos that they got from all over the country and even overseas. There were thousands of them. There were even situations where there was only one toilet per street. Front end loaders went through the streets to clear the way so emergency vehicles could get through. They made piles and piles of bricks, busses, cars and even bodies in a couple of unfortunate situations. It killed about 185 people, injured 2000 and 164 were serious after this terrible 6.3 earthquake. The clean up could take up to ten years and cost 15 billion to clean up. The earthquake is number three in New Zealand's recorded natural disasters.

This quake has affected many people not just adults but kids to. Adults are still fighting for their houses to be rebuilt, insurance or just things fixed in their houses. It could be just the smallest things like cracks in the walls, uneven floors or roofs and many more. Kids on the other hand don't have to worry about that kind of stuff and are in a different situation, but they are still affected by it in their own way. When schools do earthquake drills kids get frightened and brings back the memories of the one that hit in 2011. Even a little shake does.   

There is a man called Sam Johnson who has started up a volunteer club called SVA. SVA stands for student volunteer army. This volunteer club started after the Christchurch earthquake. Sam started this volunteer group by a facebook page which evolved into the student volunteer army. A lot of people have participated in this event and still are. 1/6th of the University of Canterbury student body are joining each year to “do good”. Sam has shared the SVA leadership role in over 13 countries, largely in disaster zones including Vanuatu, Japan, Nepal and much more.

I was right it was about maybe minus two but now I am warm all curled up in my blankets on my bed roll that I have slept in for five years. I am having my dinner it is a cup of packet soup because I don't have enough money to buy proper ingredients for real soup. I miss my house, my bed and yummy food. I wonder when I will get a real house but the rent is so high now I guess i'll just have to wait another 5 years. So how do you feel about the earthquake now, I’m going to do my bit, I hope you are going to do yours.

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