Thursday, 2 March 2017

Josh's Writing

Josh's Writing

Tenakoutou katoa Ko Takitimu te Maunga Ko Oreti te awa Ko Spedding Te hapu Ko Bluff te marae Ko Timaru Toku kainga Ko Angela Tōku mama Ko David Tōku papa Ko Dawn raua Ko Bob oku Ko Dora raua Ko Ron oku Ko Josh Tōku ingoa No reira Tena koutou Tena koutou Tena koutou katoa


“Wake up”!!! Wake up!!” Shouted my Mum. “We are late”, every year is the same. Mum forgot to set the alarm clock, we woke up at about eight leaving us with under half an hour to get out the door and get to Dipton for athletics.

Luckily by the time we got to Dipton we found out that our first events are ages away. My 200 metres was first, I did surprisingly well, really I was proud of myself until I realised as the parent helper wrote it onto my hand, F, it meant I was going to be in the final, it was as scary as the thought of Donald Trump becoming President.

The rest of the events I did OK but  relays were always my favourite despite the fact I normally don’t race in them But they are always fun to watch especially the parent relays, Noel, Nicki, Emma and Blair the perfect team “what could go wrong,” is what I silently said to myself. I should not of said it, Dipton had won the parent relay, some of the Dipton parents were as fast as a cheetah on steroids

I had finished all my events and I was Not even tired even though I had to sprint over 500m. Now that everyone is finished, it is time to announce the winner of the Swale Shield. Mr Crain read out the results, the suspense was killing me until he read out with his deep low voice he said “Limehills”. Our school roared with excitement and as we ran around the field with the shield in our hands and my legs feeling like they were going to fall off. I thought to myself best Athletics Day ever.

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