Thursday, 2 March 2017

Jenson Writing

Jenson's Writing 

This term Jenson, Harri  and other cricket players from all around Southland has been given the opportunity to go to a training program with the Otago volts in Invercargill at the cricket grounds. And we are  going to be doing this training programme for 8 weeks. We are being coach by two cricket players who are Sam and Jason. They  work for cricket Southland. And are helping us improve our bowling, batting and fielding. We are doing this programme so we can improve our cricket skills.  It will help us with our techniques by knowing when to hit the ball for boundaries and when to not to hit the ball it will also help us with our bowling were to aim the ball and how high and fast the ball needs to go. They are also helping us with our fielding skills such as how to catch the ball properly how to always hit the stumps and how to stop boundaries.

By Jenson pond and Harri Pyle


Clap and smack as the sound of two bits of wood hitting against each other and made me set off sprinting. I was doing the 200m sprint round the field in a circle. I may have come last but that does not matter.

There was lots of events that we done, my favourite was high jump because I like jumping over the bar and landing on the soft mat all though I hit the but it is good for later on in life. I may need to jump over a fence in life.

In discus I threw 14 metres and 82cm, I came third. I was coming second until Harry threw his last go and got 17 metres and 53cm and pushed me into third place. I had lots of fun at discus. At shotput I did well.

Jack was dominating everything big time in discus, he threw 22 metres. He came first in discus, first in shot put and don’t know about the rest. Harry was running like a flash.

There  was lots of scorers, I have got a 1, 2 and a 3, each score helped with winning the Swale Shield!!!! Running and cheering, some people were really excited about athletics.

Before athletics we had lots of training. Mr Murray was teaching discus, Mrs Simpson was teaching people high jump and Mrs Shaw was teaching long jump and Mrs Strachan teaching shot put and also last but not least Mrs Brand was teaching sprints. We had rotations between each teacher and tried to beat our standards.

After the day of athletics I went home and had a good rest day waiting till next year to have another fun day of athletics again. Next comes Cross Country!!!

And that’s my awesome day of Athletics.

              Friday night             
“Do you want to come for a cruise Jenson?That's how my Friday night started.”I replied yes”i will come for a cruise in the ford galaxie 500 when it started`it stalled. The second time it was rumbling. We shut the doors and set of roaring and rumbling we headed out
To Waianua and picked up Zac's ball partner's house and they cruised out to the hideaway and they got dropped of.On the way home we could see lots of old cars.
Even two limos!!! Passed when we were going through Lochiel and out to Limehills
I said”thank you” and that was my luxurious ride in the ford galaxie 500.  

By Jenson Pond

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