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Maisie's Writing

Maisie's Writing

Term one reflection

This term has been a very busy one with sport, trips and ANZAC Day. The start of the term started with triathlon which is a whole school activity. I challenged myself this year competing in elite against the best triathletes of Limehills School. I was proud of finishing in fifth place. I am going to try and get fourth or higher next year. We then had athletics. I was proud of myself coming third overall and making it to Central and coming fifth in the 200 meters, sixth in 100 meters and fourth in the 800 meters. The Year sevens then went on a trip to Invercargill where we went to demo world and the museum and the water treatment plant where we learnt about where all our waste goes.

Next I competed in the Southland Secondary School triathlon.  In my team I had Amie, Rylan and I. We ended up coming first in the mixed team and I was very proud of that. We have also been learning French and it is very fun and I’m learning alot from it. We then had a fun day.  All of the class dressed up in their onesies and went down and made an Easter hunt for the little kids.

On the last Thursday of the term was ANZAC day.  The year eight’s were away in Deep Cove so the year seven’s had to step up in the role of them becoming the house leaders and organizing ANZAC Day. Georgia was the main role in organizing it and Jack, Georgia and I were the speakers. On Thursday it was the end of term assembly and the year eights were arriving back. I was lucky enough to get a really special end of term certificate.

By Maisie Smith
Term Two reflection

This term we started off  learning about MRS LE and had a visit from teachers from around Southland who belonged to an Enviro school.  They came to look at why we are GreenGold. We also had a special visit from Sam Johnson who talked to us about SVA and then he got to look at our school in action. Mrs Collie came in for half the term and taught us drama skills. I got my PAT results back and I think I did really well in some things and need to improve on other topics like maths and vocab. We have been learning about Shakespeare in Room seven.  We are planning on creating a play about Shakespeare. We also had a fun trip to Invercargill and we talked to Mayor Tong about the problems in Southland and why we think they need changed. I did mine on the abandoned shops on the main road of Winton. We had a very cool time going to visit the baby kakapo at the Kakapo Recovery Unit and the best bit is our school has recently adopted a kakapo called Sinbad.  We then had an amazing time at the velodrome playing netball, basketball and biking. I loved the biking and I wish I could go back again. We also got to be teachers for an hour because one of the reading groups in Room 8 gets to read a Roald Dahl book to Mrs Turnbull and Mr Murray's classes. We have made a paper bag that will be shown to the parents at parent teacher interviews about the book we read. We also have been lucky enough to be learning French with Mrs Varaine and Bella and Bryce are very lucky because they are going over to Paris these holidays so they may be able to say some French words. On the last week of school we had Maori language week and we had to create a poster and act out a play about a maori legend that our house leaders Tinky and Mia pulled out of a hat. Overall I had a very fun term and learnt a lot and can’t wait for term three.
By Maisie Smith
My Wednesday wasn’t a normal one, it was a fast competitive day.

It started with a whistle and they were off. Amie splashing everywhere passing and overtaking other swimmers as if her life depended on it. She started sprinting before I knew it. Rylan was off speeding down the road like he was in a big police chase.

I wanted nervously for him to return, then I saw him he was approaching me with speed, in a few seconds I was off running down the road admiring the houses as I ran then a boy was in range. I sprinted like I was on fire, I passed him and sprinted around a bend.

Into a dark black forest, I passed a boy on a tiny little track. If you took one wrong step you could find yourself in a deep black stream below. I carried on, a boy was in view I needed to pass him, my life was on the line. I carried on following him, he turned the wrong way into a dark overgrown place, I passed him I yelled back “wrong way, don’t go over the cones” he yelled back thanks. I carried on and found a boy starting to slow down, I ran he started running. I kept going I got him.

I carried on passing another girl, she had long blonde hair and was stumbling. I ran through a huge fence, you didn’t want to get caught.  There was a girl in front of me, I was about a dangerous 10 metres away but she ran in a dark place over the slippery black stones. So I passed her yet she hadn’t realised I could have left her or help her so I yelled and said this way. She heard and turned around. I had to pass a terrifying big tree that had fallen, it was slippery, I nearly fell then I saw the trees that was the finish. I ran sprinting, I heard some Central Southland kids saying go little kiddies.. Over the finish line people was cheering for me.

My face was the colour of a fire engine. We came first, I’m proud it pushed me to the limits but I completed it.


“Rhhh” Winnie stop tugging my sheets! Time to get up. Quickly! Mmmm I know that smell anywhere. OMG it’s Athletics Day when there’s spaghetti cooking. See you Winnie. Wish me luck.

As i arrive at Dipton School there are swarms of red and blue everywhere. I look around and the first person I spot is Lexie. I know she will do well today. 15 minutes later I hear “five year olds to the starting line please”. I run over to watch them, my hearts pumping as I yell “go Limehills!” Then after their race I hear 200 metres ages 8-12 year olds. Now I’ve got butterflies really badly, then the Dipton Principal says 11 year old girls heat’s, butterflies explode in my tummy.

‘Take your marks, set, go’ I’m off. I can hear people on the sideline yelling go Limehills. I get over the finish line, I have won Yah. next up is the throwing events. I didn’t get a placing this time though. Now it’s high jump, I cleared it but only got a two in high jump and long jump. It’s 100 metres now. Mr Murray says sit down and zip it. I’m crossing my fingers that I’m not in Mia’s race Yah. OK take your marks, set, go, I run like I’ve been hit by a bit of lightning, I won. Then I sit down, it dawns on me Mia’s in the finals, take your marks, set, go, I’m in the lead but a tall dark shadow towers above me. I hear deep breathing, then a blue shirted tall blonde haired girl passes like a cheetah after its prey. She got it, a  five   second kill. Mia won the race, next was relays. We came in second, blue was at the front. There was an adult race, red trickled down the field and won the race followed by dots of blue.

And the Swale Shield goes to Limehills. I’m proud. I’m through to Central. Bring it on!

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