Thursday, 9 March 2017

Jack's writing

Jack's Writing

Jacks pepeha

Tena koutou Katoa
Ko Oreti tenawa
Ko Churstain te hapu
Ko Winton tōku kainga
Ko Nicole tōku mama
Ko Harley tōku papa
Ko Carole raua Ko Morris oku
Ko Sheridan raua Ko Gilbert oku Koro
Ko Jack tōku ingoa
No reira tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou Katoa


I woke up with my heart racing, Badum, Badum filled my eardrums, it took about 1 minute to get my bearings back.I heard something, it was getting louder but it was Mum yelling jack! Get up, it’s triathlon today!!! So I jumped outta bed and put on my sea blue Limehills top and put on some trackies. We hopped into the car and set off towards Winton. Roughly about 10 minutes later we arrived and got ready for the briefing, they told us what time our races will be, also the course and the safety hazards.

I had an extremely long wait until my races because it’s the final race of the day, so the organisers sent of all the races until my race. Nerves started to fill my body then it happened they called my race. I got prepared I knew my race didn’t start until the bike and run but I still had to go hard in the swim. We hopped into the pool and got ready. Then came the word GO! So I leapt out of my position and started swimming, I knew I wasn’t the best swimmer. So that was why I was 3rd last out of the pool.During the swim I saw people getting out of the pool this motivated me to finish the swim and get onto the bike and run.I finished my last length and hopped outta the pool.I ran outta the pool where I passed a beeper thing that recorded my time.I quickly ran to my bike and put on my helmet and took off.It felt like i was going as fast as lightning I kept on passing my opponents one by one then abut 50metres ahead was the leader I had thought I was going as fast as my legs wouldve taken me then I had caught my opponent we where approaching our transistion I hopped off my bike and put it where i got it from then I had a 2k run awaiting for me so i set off racing at a steady pace.Then i almost feel over my legs where like jelly i could bearly stand but i had to finish the race i had thought so i soldered on 1 step at a time I was catching my opponent 3metres 2 metres then i passed him i was over the moon but i still had about 1k left i jumped over logs and fences.Then i saw the finishing shoot I was exhausted by now but then i heard my friends running towards me shouting come on Jack and you're nearly there this kept me going 100m left so i used all my energy to pick up the pace 50m left 10m left then i finished the race i was so exhausted then the organiser said 2nd i was over the moon! But then i thought second so i thought who was first then i saw him i didn't know his name but i congratulated him and said  great race After that I went home but then i thought I still had touch but i was ok with that.

By Jack Churstain     

Triathlon Training

Beep! Beep! Beep! Filled my eardrums. My eyes fluttered open the harsh lighting hissed against my eyes.It was Sunday Triathalon training. I got up got dressed,ate some toast with a thick spread of raspberry jam and gobbled it down. My next task to do was to pack my bag which will contain warm clothes,energy food,and some highlighter orange togs.

My mother called out to me “Jack were leaving” so I got my bag and jumped into the car and off we set.Destination Mrs Brands house. We arrived and got set to head off to Gore. I was in Joses car along with Connor,Josh Vdp,Josh M,Morgan and Rylan.Ruffley an hour later we arrived at destination gore and got set to do a 10k bike ride.We set off going at sensible pace with the light breeze brushing my face.

We kept on biking only stopping once or twice then it happened i was facing a massive hill I couldn't believe we were going to bike up that. I was shocked. Then we set off racing up the hill using all of our energy pushing ourselves 5metres left then with all my might I pushed once more and that got me over the gigantic hill.

We reached our biking destination had a rest ate some food and got in our wetsuit it was swimming time We arrived at the pond and got set to swim in the murky freezing water when i dived in my body shivered and it felt like i was swimming in antarctica. We started off swimming a few metres just so our body could adjust to the freezing water. We started swimming longer and longer until everyone was tired sore and cold.Then what else is better than getting good old maccas on the way home mmmm delicious thanks Mrs Brand for taking us training.

By Jack Churstain

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