Thursday, 2 March 2017

Monique's Writing

Monique's Writing

Tena koutou katoa
Ko Clontafe te waka
Ko Takatimu te maunga
Ko Wakatipu te awa
Ko Scotland te iwi
Ko Woodd te hapu
Ko Winton toku Kainga
Ke ora
Ko Lynley toku mama
Ko Brendon toku Papa
Ko Carol raua Ko Margaret oku nanny
Ko Laurie raua Ko David oku koro
Ko Monique toku ingoa 
No reira tena koutou, tena koutou katoa

Dear Mum

I love

The way you make me laugh

Your special way of having fun makes me happy

How you give me your smile if I am sad

The delicious pancakes that you make me for breakfast

The way you always give me a hug after my sport to say great work

The special way you yell at me when I’m on the netball court

I love

How you make me my favourite chocolate cake for my birthday

When you warm me up after my netball game

I love it when you call me sweetheart and sweetie

You are my mum and you will be in my heart forever

The annual Limehills/Dipton athletics day is finally here. A week ago it seemed like it would never come but finally it's here.

The first event my age group competed in was the 200m, I came 2nd in the 200m race and I got into the final for 200m. I was so excited about getting into the final I couldn't stop talking about it. Next we competed in long jump and I was horrible at it because long jump is my worst event and I got a one in long jump.The last event we competed in was high jump and high jump is my favourite event, I jumped a meter 18 so I jumped higher than I normally do. Doing high jump has given me confidence and I got better and better while doing high jump.

The playground, There were lots of people on the playground because it had so much things to play like the jungle gym, the flying fox, the pole and the wiggle bridge. I almost came off the pole but I saved myself by just jumping off so I didn't end up hurting myself then I had to stop playing on the playground and eat my food.

Agh training, I hate training but it's worth it because you do much better and you are going to get bigger scores. The training we did was discus, shot put, running, high jump and long jump. The training really helped me so I did much better and I also got bigger numbers, The training made me work harder than normal and I felt great when athletics was finished.

Swale shield time, I was so excited to see who won the swale shield. Guess what Limehills has won the shield once again, I was so happy that we got it we ran around the field with it. It’s going back in the Limehills hall once again and it’s going to stay there until next year. Limehills got 18 points and Dipton got 17 points, we won by one point it was so close and we could of lost the shield if we didn't keep getting 4s and 3s.

Athletics is over and everyone is tired just wanting to go home, everyone is happy we won and we just want to go home and rest for the next day of school.

By Monique

Athletics Day
Athletics has been great again this year but high jump has been awesome because I jumped a meter 18. I felt so happy with myself but I didn't get through to central.

The AMP triathlon

I was in the 2016 AMP triathlon and I did the longest distance. I did the eight lengths in the pool, four laps on the bike and then the run. I was so tired by the time I got to the run and I had enough by the time I got to the end. I said that I didn't want to do it again because it was to long. Now comes the spot prizes. The prizes were four bikes we thought I wasn't going to get a bike because every other year I don't get a prize and this year we heard 3 low numbers and then my number. My number was 147 and they called my number out,I went down and stood beside the bike that I won.

Steel game
On sunday the 19/6/16  I went to the steel game in invercargill at the stadium. The steel had a awesome start to the game and they versed magic. At half time a lady threw a netball into the crowd and I leaned over a lot of people and caught it, 3 minutes before half time I went down to see james off the radio because I had to get three goals in the hoop and there was two other people shooting to try and win the phone, when that half started we got taken onto the court and had to get the goals in. It took me two attempts to get the first goal in but it only took me one attempt to get the two other goals in. When I got all the goals in I got first and I got given a bag with the steel warmup top and the samsung galaxy 6s phone in it. I was so happy I couldn't stop talking to mum about it.

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