Thursday, 2 March 2017

Harri P's Writing

Harri's Writing

Tena Koutou katoa
Ko ?     Te Waka
Ko ?   Te maunga
Ko Oreti Te Awa
Ko Pyle Te hapu
Ko Winton Toku Kainga

Ko Jan-Maree Toku mama
Ko Karl Toku papa
Ko Jan Raua Ko nanny
KoAlen Raua Ko nanny
Ko Harri Toku ingoa
No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa  

This term Jenson, Harri  and other cricket players from all around Southland has been given the opportunity to go to a training program with the Otago volts in Invercargill at the cricket grounds. And we are  going to be doing this training programme for 8 weeks. We are being coach by two cricket players who are Sam and Jason. They  work for cricket Southland. And are helping us improve our bowling, batting and fielding. We are doing this programme so we can improve our cricket skills.  It will help us with our techniques by knowing when to hit the ball for boundaries and when to not to hit the ball it will also help us with our bowling were to aim the ball and how high and fast the ball needs to go. They are also helping us with our fielding skills such as how to catch the ball properly how to always hit the stumps and how to stop boundaries.

By Jenson pond and Harri Pyle

My Weekend

On Sunday I was playing on the xbox when dad asked me if I could help him on the farm because my older brother said no. if I didn’t I wasn’t Allowed on the Xbox so I said yes yet dad also allowed on the Xbox so I said yes you did also mentioned a payment and it would be fun because it was raining heavily, until I got my first job.

My first job was to walk to the calves which is not fun alone luckily my other brother Jonty was there it was still boring so we talked about what we were going to do on the Xbox. We decided to play Minecraft, so we gave each other jobs I am the builder and farmer but I can still go mining, jonty in the resource Gatherer, The Miner, Hunter and etc.

When we got the calves across the road and across two bridges we were on the final stretch was dad beside us going 20 kilometres per hour  we were running fast enough to stay Up With him.  Dad opened the gates but a calf hopped under the fence I dived under the fence and chased the calf back up to the fence and the gate. We left the calves in the paddock and jonty and I got onto the bike dad went 100 kilometres per hour with us barely holding on we were going to move more cows but then there was an interruption.  

It was a water failure no water was pumping into the water generation and  we found out that the calves had licked something Important and they stopped the water generator work I got covered in water because I had to get water into a bucket from a trough it was freezing, But eventually dad fixed the problem and said it was a good half day's work and there was one of the things that happened on my weekend.  

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